Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 weeks of work

After a 3.5 week or so hiatus... IM BACK... hehe... actually I'm not that busy, just kinda lazy everyday after work to do anything... So here's basically what happened in the past 3 weeks =)

Week 1+2

Day 1 was kinda short... Like a briefing for an hour, then my boss kinda showed me around for another hour... And then I was off! That was like the fastest ever 1st day of work for me... Kinda expected it to be busy as hell... The rest of the week and the next was abit tough... Carrying lots of stuff everywhere, setting up classrooms from scratch, making sure everything was in place and working... Don't remember specifics that much after so long, but basically it was setup, setup, and more setup everywhere... At the end of week 2... the students started coming in... which brings us to....

Check-in Weekend

Well basically, check-in weekend is when all the students come, and they have to go thru this 13 step induction point thingy where they obtain signatures from each point if they have completed the task (filled forms/obtained uniform/installed some stuff/handed in photos, etc) So my induction point was No.11, and it involved me explaining about the email accounts, the wireless networks, antivirus installation and other minor stuff... Well in theory it sounds simple, but try saying the same damn thing to 450+++ students! Even after 1 day I already felt like some kinda parrot... "Polly want a cracker x 450"  lol... But it was nice to meet some old friends again after a few months...

Week 3+

After all that, the students have their first week of class, and they would come if they still have problems with wireless internet, email, or lecturers having problems with projectors or their stuff... After all that, basically I sit in my office waiting for problems to occur... Its a mixed feeling... When everything is fine and working, its quiet and boring... So u actually WISH for work or problems to occur... However when some bigass problem occurs u'll be thinking about the good ol' quiet days... So its a mixed bag... lol...

Anyhow, I'm kinda settling into this day2day routine now... So once again, thanks for reading guys! Hope I didn't bore you out that much with this post... Take care wherever you are =)

Travaille Chaque Jour
Le Stagiaire IT

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Journey

Part 1
QR0625 Kuala Lumpur - Doha

Flight was pretty cool, I met this Geology graduate, she graduated from UKM, is going off to Abu Dhabi for training, then to Texas for more training, and then to Rio de Janeiro for work! How's that for a chance abroad! And I thought that local grads didnt have much of a shot when it comes to working abroad... Her name was Sheryl, and we chatted about almost everything under the sun i guess... And for once, no crying baby during the flight... Couldn't have asked for anything better =)

Part 2
QR0047 Doha-Geneva

Now the 2nd flight was pretty bad... It started off with me being displaced from my seat by some guy who wants his gf to sit with him instead, I was quite happy to because he was coughing loudly and kept knocking me with his arms... And the rest of the flight was attempts at sleeping, only remember waking up like 10 times, and this time a baby was involved... To boot I ended up sitting beside this kid who wouldn't listen to a damn thing his mother said and they were wrestling over his remote control half the flight... Bad bad bad flight... Left me all burnt out and exhausted...

Part 3
Geneva -Caux

For the 3rd leg, I hopped on to a local Swiss train from Geneva Airport and changing trains at Montreux, to take the train up to my school at Caux... The total journey time was about 1 hour to Montreux and 30 minutes to Caux... Nothing much happened, trying to sleep while blasting music via earphones at the same time(bad idea) Train to Caux was incredibly full... Bumped into 2 fellow co-workers from Indonesia, one of them speaks Mandarin and studied at Taylor's before! The world is indeed small...


At the moment just chilling, already unpacked everything, kinda tired and starving but too exhausted and lazy to go out and get food... Oh well, tomorrow perhaps... Shall sign out for now folks... Thanks for reading!

The end of a voyage, the beginning of another journey.
C'est la vie. =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Au Revoir, Malaisie.

It has been a great holiday... And thanks to all those that made it such a wonderful one... Will update more after reaching Swiss... Take care everyone... =)

Tu me manques
Etudiant Hotelerie

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dear All,

Due to unfortunate circumstances during my daily badminton sessions, I am currently injured, and walking is barely possible at the moment. It occured when I was jumping and *dont really remember what happened* twisted my ankle the next thing I knew... I guess that means no sports for a couple of days... Although I do hope to be up and running AND jumping by the usual Friday volleyball session at my dad's school...

So, since I finally dragged my arse out here to post something, might as well update on whats happening with me nowadays... Which is basically nothing??? Since Ipoh is pretty much deserted of ppl from "my batch", I'm pretty much relegated to eating, sleeping, and the occasional wandering around/movie trip... And with all these extra time I've finally found some motivation to complete my insane backlog of gundam models... hehe...

Now mainly concentrating on BB Senshi Sangoukden, which is the chinese epic story Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is based on the Three Kingdoms era of actual Chinese history...

Since I'm pretty well acquainted with that tale, so following the story is kinda easy... Lots and lots of stuff to build too ^^
Some images of the kits to bore/interest you =D

From left to right: Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Oath at the Peach Garden special clear kit (I do not own this) =p

Kung Ming Re-GZ and Zhou Yu Hyaku Shiki Red Cliff Movie edition color (Again, I DO NOT own this)

Lolz... Oh well... I did want to create a post on Gundam for quite a while, but seems like I've lazed off till now... To everyone working/studying everywhere, take care and make the most outta ur day =)

Walking wounded(literally)
Sangat Sakit.